We are the global leaders for commodity trading in sustainable fresh produce, grains, pulses and spices. With an extensive portfolio of responsible producers, we provide solutions for the procurement of high end niche crops.

What We Do

NCT DMCC Company is a reliable supplier of cereals , pulses, own grow and from partners lands, Sri Lanka fresh produce grown in high-tech greenhouses, which provide a protected environment from pests and climate extremes.  rough natural light, temperature and humidity control, the NCT DMCC Company supplies premium tasting products that contain optimal nutritional value.

Transport and logistics services

Niche Commodity Trade DMCC offers and considers suggestions on provision of transport services to partners and customers on mutually beneficial terms on a permanent basis.
Our goal is to protect our customers from any problems associated with the search for vehicles for transportation.
We aspire to satisfy all your requirements and wishes, providing professional approach and we find the best decision for carrying out of each order on transportation of cargoes.
The logistics of grain crops is under the full control of the company due to constant cooperation with the reliable transport companies.
We also have our own fleet of vehicles of the appropriate class for the implementation of grain transportation.

We provide
a full range of transport
and logistics services:

Any transportation is carried out only in case of availability of necessary documents indicating the volume of cargo, type and other characteristics.
Great experience and professionalism of our company guarantees reliability, safety and fast delivery.
We take care of our customers throughout the entire transportation operation.
Managers of the company responsibly plan an itinerary of cargoes transportation. They inform about actual delivery time and the prices for services provided, and as well:

  • Personal approach to each client
  • Domestic transport (automobile, railway)
  • Operative processing of the application in the shortest time possible
  • Precise tariff calculation with all the extra costs
  • Selection of the right type of transport according to the client’s requirement
  • Supervision of loading and unloading processes
  • We also offer maritime transport
  • Discounts for loyal customers depending on the volume of transported cargo
  • Convenient form of payment
  • they prepare documents for customs control
  • they counsel clients per telephone
  • they choose a set of additional services for quality cargo transportation of combined batches of goods

When delivering goods, we listen to the wishes of our customers and strive to optimize their costs.
Tens commercial organizations worldwide and a huge number of businessmen cooperate with us. Transportations of cargoes with us are favorable and simple.
See for yourself. Order cargo transportation services from our managers!
Get detailed advice right now.


The specifics of the purchase department are cyclical in nature. A continuous dialogue between the company and the farmers-producers of grain is carried out by your personal manager, who provides an individual approach to each supplier.
Annually we buy agricultural products from hundreds of farmers across the globe.
We offer our customers a full range of services for analysis, improvement and crop logistics.
Due to long-term operational experience in branch, we have professionally studied specificity – classification, the qualitative indicators, component of pricing for each crop with which we work.

Acquaintance with agricultural producer

– Negotiations
– Discussion of latest price policy
– Confirmation of agreements

Approval of goods by higher authorities

– Honest expert report
– Agreement on lot quality

Loading of goods

– Pre-approved loading of goods
– Selecting the right type of transport, agreement with client

Delivery and unloading of goods in port /warehouse /barn

We have the possibility to refine the grain. We help our customers and partners to bring the grain to the marketable condition and keep its quality indicators.
We form actual prices of grain, oilseed and legume crops purchase. Our principle of work with suppliers is based on mutually beneficial terms.
We value long-term cooperation, so we undertake all obligations related to confidentiality, and also guarantee compliance with the terms of the contract by all parties of the transaction.
We provide most of our purchases on a self-delivery basis, because we value the time and resources of our customers. We also assist farmers in grain transportation by providing vehicles to farms.
Due to the developed infrastructure, we cooperate with producers almost all over Black Sea region.
We guarantee a professional approach and quality of necessary operations related to the purchase of agricultural products.


We source premium quality crops from across the globe, benefiting from secure partnerships with industry leading suppliers in Southeast Asia and Europe.
NCT DMCC is founded on a commitment to integrity and reliability, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards for our produce and our service. We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to support our staff , the communities where we work, and our environment.

Why Us

 Elevator Prishib

storage capacity 35 000 tonnes
Partners farming 5000 hectares

 Kherson Farm

storage capacity 20 000 tonnes
farm 2000 hectares


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